Team Rider Interview - Rem

Team Rider Interview - Rem
NAME: Remick Thomas
AGE: 30
INSTA HANDLE: @funkydanky
SPONSORS: LGSC / Flavour skate shop

How did you get into skating?
My dad came home from Fistral Beach with a skateboard one day, somebody had put it under there car and drove off... hahah then fell in love with it with from there!

What do you love about skating? What do you hate about it?
I love how it just clears my head, almost like yoga or meditation I guess, nothing else is on my mind when I skate.
I hate how people take it to seriously.

Favourite Skaters: Antwan Dixon , Will Marshal, Zered Bassett

Favourite place to skate and/or have skated:
Barcelona !!!!! No brainer

What do you think you’ve learned in your 30s that you wish you’d known in your 20s?
Don’t worry what other people think life is too short!!

Where do you see yourself in 20 years time?
Skating and chilling on a beach in the sun !!!! Or a pro ten pin bowler

What’s your biggest passions outside of skating?
Food and ten pin bowling

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Life is short make the most of it