London Girls Surf Club was founded in 2017 by Kylie Griffiths. The aim of London Girls Surf Club is to get landlocked ladies into the oceans. 

Kylie got into surfing in her late twenties and wanted to create a network where ladies could get into the oceans together and make life long surfing buddies!

It can be intimidating getting into the sea on your own so we wanted to create a fun, chilled out space where people can come together and experience surfing for the first time, or if already experienced find a network to continue to grow with.


Living in a city can be manic and stressful, always on the go and never stopping, so we wanted to give girls the chance to switch off. The ocean can be incredibly tranquil and whilst surfing you are truly in the moment, you have to focus on just those few minutes (or you will almost certainly fall off). We wanted to share this experience with city ladies and give them a chance to switch off for a weekend and be able to live in the moment even if just for a few days.


Surfing is an amazing lifestyle as well as sport and we aim to give city girls the chance to experience this through a series of trips with likeminded ladies.


We’ll be organising 4 trips a year to a UK based destination and a trip abroad. These trips will be organised by LGSC and will be based solely around surfing but will also offer actives such as yoga, paddle boarding and more. 


Head over to our Mailing List to be the first to find out about upcoming trips.